The Infinity Dream Awards

The Infinity Dream Awards

The lovely Renna over at Renna’s Discoveries has nominated me to take part in the Infinity Dream Awards. The Infinity Dream Awards basically involves asking and answering questions, getting to know other bloggers and spreading the blogging love!

The rules are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you (thank you Renna!)
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
  • Come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate
  • Nominate other bloggers

11 facts about me:

  1. I was named after a fishing boat in Whitby harbour which has since changed it’s name to Ocean Harvest. Obviously I haven’t changed my name to match. I don’t know how many times I’ve shared this fact on my blog but, to be honest, it’s the only remotely interesting thing about me!
  2. I’m a Maroon 5 mega-fan and have been for years. I don’t know how many years but it’s been a while, maybe 6 or 7.
  3. I love brownies. My favourite ever brownie has to be the Nutella brownie from Brown and Blond. They’re from Yorkshire so if you’re ever up there you have to try them!
  4. I hardly ever drink alcohol but when I do it’s almost always Malibu and orange juice. I’ll have the odd cocktail depending on what it’s made with but I’m very fussy about alcohol and drinks in general.
  5. I hate fizzy drinks. I don’t understand how anyone can drink fizzy drinks. The bubbles hurt my tongue and it feels so unnatural to drink something that fizzes like that.
  6. I’m an apprentice marketing assistant but I didn’t decide what I wanted to do after college until two months before I had to leave.
  7. I have my ears pieced twice and I’ve wanted a nose piercing for years but I don’t think I’ll ever have it done.
  8. Me and my boyfriend Jordan have been together since we were 14 years old. It’ll be our fifth anniversary in October.
  9. When I was a little girl I dragged my child-minder’s rabbit out of it’s cage and up the stairs because it was raining and I didn’t want him to get wet.
  10. I hate having hiccups and it physically hurts me when I get them, I don’t know why!
  11. My favourite video game is Animal Crossing. I started off with Wild World but New Leaf is my favourite Animal Crossing game out of all of them.

11 questions from Renna:

  1. What’s your favourite breakfast?
    For me, nothing beats a proper full English breakfast. I had the most delicious full English at the #DerbyBloggersBrunch on Saturday. You can read about it here.
  2. What kind of exercise do you do in the week?
    I’ve just recently started going running regularly. I run with my brother on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and whenever else we feel like it.
  3. Do you have any pets currently, or have you ever had pets?
    I don’t have any pets myself at the moment but I used to have a rabbit when I was younger. Currently my nana has a cat called Amber and my boyfriend Jordan has a dog called Becks.
  4. What would you like to achieve in the next six months?
    In regards to fitness I would love to have lost some weight. I’d also like to have improved my photography, my writing and my blog in general.
  5. Give us a story from one of your best holidays abroad.
    I’ve never actually been abroad so it’ll have to be a story from a holiday in the UK I’m afraid. I’ll make it a good one though! When I was on holiday in Portsmouth when I was a lot younger we managed to lock ourselves out of the house so my brother had to climb through the window and open the front door from the inside. He only just fit through this window and it was high up so it was quite traumatic for him! He was only young at the time.
  6. What books are you reading currently?
    I’m ashamed and embarassed to say that I am currently reading absolutely nothing and I haven’t since my A Levels when I had to read specific books for my course. There’s a few books on my shelf but I haven’t got round to reading them yet.
  7. What’s the best thing on TV at the moment?
    The best thing on TV in my opinion is Neighbours. Neighbours is my favourite soap and I absolutely love it but other than that there’s nothing else particularly exciting on.
  8. Do you have a restaurant recommendation that you can share?
    Yes, Barburrito is heaven right in the centre of Nottingham. There’s a Barburrito in a few other UK cities too but I did a review on the Nottingham restaurant which you can read here.
  9. Is there something you would really like to do, but don’t know if its even possible. ie. I would like to walk from Brighton to Edinburgh.
    I’d like to run a marathon one day and for me, that’s almost definitely impossible. I can dream though!
  10. What are you doing at 5.30pm during the week?
    Either eating my tea, waiting for my tea or thinking about how yummy my tea was.
  11. What is your most viewed blog post?
    My post about how blogging might not be for me has been my most popular post to date and I think it’s because other people can relate to how I feel. You can read it here if you like.

The bloggers I nominate:

11 questions for the bloggers I’ve nominated:

  1. What is it about blogging that you love the most?
  2. What was the last thing you bought? Post a picture of it if you like!
  3. What was your least favourite lesson at school and why?
  4. Name a shop that you can’t walk past without going inside and having a look!
  5. Can you remember your dreams? If so, tell us about a recent dream you’ve had.
  6. What’s your favourite blog post you’ve ever written and why?
  7. Tell us a super embarrassing story that happened to you!
  8. Do you friends and family keep up with your blog?
  9. Write a description about your favourite blogger and see if your readers can guess who it is!
  10. What were you doing this time last week?
  11. Do you have a happy place? If so, where is it?

Once again, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Renna from Renna’s Discoveries for nominating me for the Infinity Dream Awards. I love posts like this, I think they’re so much fun! I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts and their answers to my questions.



  1. May 23, 2016 / 9:43 pm

    Great made me laugh about your poor brother having to go through a window….I’ve done that quite a few times. Whoops.
    If you’ve never been abroad, I suggest a weekend away in France, as you can always take the train. I went on a train all the way to Amsterdam, that was fun. Many years ago, but you get to stop in Brussels too. It’s a good way to just chill out and enjoy the scenery.

    • Sophie Wright
      May 24, 2016 / 12:02 pm

      Thank you Renna, that’s a great tip! I’ll look into it for my next break away.

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