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#DerbyBloggersBrunch at BEAR

I can remember two years ago; I’d only been blogging for a few months and I was just a shy little blogger hoping to make a few friends and learn more about the blogging industry. So, when I first read about #DerbyBloggersBrunch, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved! #DerbyBloggersBrunch was my first ever meet up so it’s always held a special place in my lil blogger heart. I went along to the first #DerbyBloggersBrunch at The Cosy Club (you can read all about it here) but since then there’s been three more. I missed out on two of…

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Las Iguanas, Nottingham has had a makeover!

If you know me, even just a little bit, you will know I love a big heaping plate of Mexican food any day of the damn week. Burritos, tacos, nachos, fajitas, enchiladas. You name it, I love it. So that’s why, when I received a lovely invitation from Las Iguanas to check out their revamped Nottingham branch I was super excited but also baffled as to why I’d never been before. We were shown to our table almost straight away. There was a teeny queue but that was to be expected as the place was literally packed full. We ordered…

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Monthly highlights: January 2018

January 2018 already! Where has the time gone? The older I get, the faster it seems to fly by. January was slow and quiet. Honestly, I struggled to think of a handful of highlights at first. But I’ve managed to scrape a few together so hopefully this post won’t be as boring as January felt. Orange Is the New Black I started watching OITNB way back when it first came out but I only made it to the end of season 2. I got bored of it to be honest and I could never get back into it. I started…

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I want to lose weight and there is nothing wrong with that

I’ve seen a lot of people posting about their new year’s goals and resolutions but this year I’ve noticed a change. I’ve noticed less people want to lose weight and more people want to embrace their size and love their bodies as they are. Obviously, this is fantastic! I love seeing people love themselves; it’s something I wish I could do! But I can’t, and that’s why I want to lose weight and, frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve been a big girl my whole life. I’ve always had an appetite and I’ve always loved food. I’m notorious…

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Monthly highlights: October, November and December 2017

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve published a monthly highlights post! In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve published a post at all. I could blame it on being busy (as always) but, honestly, I’ve not really been interested in blogging much lately. It’s been more of a chore than something to look forward to. That being said, I have been stupidly busy so this monthly highlights is a bumper edition. Lucky you, eh? Some of these highlights are literally life-changing so I couldn’t not write about them! Thank you for sticking with me while I’ve…

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