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January 2016

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    How to get over a bad day

    We all have bad days, whether it be because of work, family or just generally feeling down in the dumps. Whatever the reason, it can take a lot to put it behind you so I’ve come up with a few ways to leave bad days in the past.

    Stuff yourself silly with your favourite snacks

    On a diet? Who cares! Desperate times call for desperate measures so when you’re feeling rubbish eat all the foods you love the most and deal with the consequences later. Anyway, one more cookie won’t hurt right

    Put on your comfiest pyjamas

    There’s nothing nicer than getting home after a hard day and putting on your pjs, especially if you’ve spent all day in your uniform or work clothes. They’re warm, snuggly and comforting – everything you need when you’re not feeling your best.

    Watch some rubbish telly

    Watching back-to-back episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians is sure to make you feel better in no time. Say Yes to the Dress usually perks me up but if your bad day is because of relationship troubles then a show based around blushing brides and happy couples might not be the best thing to watch.

    Have a rant to your bestie

    If you’ve got bad feelings then the best thing to do is let them out and there’s no one better to let them out to than your best friend. Have a good rant to them and see what they think, they might be able to offer a new perspective.

    Invest in some retail therapy

    Treat yourself to some new goodies, it’ll help ease the bad-day-blues. Whether you’re into books, clothes, make-up or stationary buying some cute new stuff will cheer you up enormously. Even more so if they’re in the sale!

    Book a weekend away

    If your bad days are stacking up and it’s becoming a bad week then a weekend away could be just what you need. Head off to somewhere new and exciting with someone you love and get away from the daily stresses that are bringing you down.

    Have a night out with your friends

    Going out and letting your hair down is something to look forward to anyway but when you’ve had a bad day it’s almost a necessity! Dancing is one of the best ways to shake off bad feelings and forget about a rubbish day.

    Have an early night

    Early nights aren’t always the best fun but the sooner a bad day ends the sooner a new day can start, right? Plus then you aren’t moping around and dwelling on what’s happened. The extra sleep could do you some good.

    Surround yourself with loved ones

    When you’re feeling rubbish there’s nothing worse than being on your own. Call some friends or family or pop round and see them in person and you’ll be back to yourself in no time. A cup of tea and a chat can do wonders!

    These ideas won’t solve whatever has caused your bad day but hopefully they’ll make it a little more bearable. Also these ideas won’t work for everyone so you’ll have to see which ones are best for you. Let me know which ideas helped you in the comments below.

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