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My favourite animals on Instagram

I follow lots of people on Instagram and I love looking at what they’ve been getting up to. My favourite pictures are the ones of people’s adorable pets so I’ve put together a list of my favourite animals on Instagram.


Coffee is a British shorthair from Los Angeles with huge adorable blue eyes. His owners usually share pictures of him lounging around and playing with his sister Luna.


Walter White is a Samoyed puppy named after Water White from Breaking Bad. He’s huge and incredibly fluffy, he looks like a cuddly polar bear! My favourite post is a video of him leaping through the snow.


Coby looks just like a pouty version of Coffee. He’s got the same adorable eyes, they’re just a slightly deeper shade of blue. His owner shares posts of him using the bathroom sink as a jacuzzi and singing from the kitchen worktops.


Golden Doodles are my favourite type of dog and I follow lots of them on Instagram but Hudson is one of the cutest! He lives in New York and shares pictures of his adventures with his owners and his Golden Doodle friends.


Nala is Coffee’s sister and lives with him in Los Angeles. She is a Siamese and Tabby mix and was adopted from a shelter when she was five months old. In her pictures she shows off her cool cat accessories like her shark house and adorable bow ties which you can buy from her online store.


Neena is a mini longhair English cream Dachshund and belongs to the popular Vine star Brittany Furlan. She’s always on Brittany’s Snapchat story but saves her classier shots for Instagram.


I only started following Pearl a few weeks ago after reading a Buzzfeed article about her. Her owners share memes of her with hilarious captions that give an insight into what she might be thinking!


River Valley Doodles are in-house Golden Doodle breeders from New York. They share pictures of their Golden Doodles from birth until they’re adopted by their new families. They’ve got lots of Doodles and share pictures of all of them so you can get to know each and every one.

I hope you go and give these cuties a follow because I know you’ll love them as much as I do! You could give me a follow too if you like, just click here. Let me know which account is your favourite (if you can pick one!) in the comments below.

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