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February 2016


    Things I didn’t know about blogging before I made my blog

    When I first started I didn’t have any idea what I was getting myself into! I didn’t know what I wanted my blog to look like or what I wanted to write about, I just knew that I wanted people to like it

    I’ve put together a list of things that I’ve learned about blogging since I’ve started which I hope other bloggers can relate to and that people thinking of starting a blog can consider before they take the plunge!

    It’s time-consuming

    Please don’t judge me but when I first started blogging I didn’t have any idea how time consuming it would be. Even just coming up with a good idea and planning it takes a while, never mind actually writing the post! I don’t think a rushed post could ever be as successful as a post that’s been thought through properly.

    It’s addictive

    Getting good and genuine feedback for my posts feels fantastic and spurs me on to think of even better posts for the future. I really enjoy checking my page views and reviewing which posts were successful and which weren’t as successful because it helps me to learn and grow as a blogger.

    It’s complicated

    (Or at least I think it can be!) I use Google Analytics to check my page views and to see what my readers are clicking on to get to my blog. There’s a lot that I don’t understand but I’m hoping I’ll learn more with time and experience so I’ll have a better understanding of who my readers are and what they like to read about.

    It’s competitive

    For every successful blogger there’s hundreds of others aspiring to be just like them. I’ve learned that you’ve got to find a way to make yourself stand out from the other bloggers so you’re memorable and interesting. No one likes a copycat!

    It’s varied

    Before I started blogging I assumed that the only people that blogged were young women interested in make-up, beauty products and fashion. Actually there’s blogs written by men, parents and foodies just to name a few. There’s a whole universe of bloggers out there blogging about hundreds of different topics.

    It’s difficult

    I try and publish a post two or three times a week so if I know I need to come up with a few ideas then it can make it harder for me to think of something. We’re all busy people and sometimes there’s too many other things whizzing around our heads for us to focus on planning a fantastic blog post. Everyone has their own way of thinking of ideas such as sitting down with a pen and paper or taking inspiration from other bloggers.

    It’s informative

    You can learn so much from reading other people’s blogs! I’ve learned tips that can help me to improve my blog such as how to take and edit interesting photographs but also other things such as new products that other bloggers recommend. I’ve also learned the best brownie recipe I’ve ever tried and if that isn’t an incentive to start reading blogs then I don’t know what is!

    It’s fun

    Most of all I’ve learned that blogging can be really fun! Finding new blogs and communicating with other bloggers on Twitter and Bloglovin’ is exciting and almost makes you feel like you’re part of a blogging family. It’s really lovely knowing that people enjoy what I write, especially when I put so much love and effort into my blog.

    Let me know what you’ve learned about blogging in the comments below and see if you can pick your favourite out of the ones I’ve listed. Also attach a link to your blog with your comment so I can learn even more about blogging.