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Different Valentine’s Day date ideas

Valentines Day can be a controversial celebration. Some people say that we should love each other every day of the year like we do on Valentine’s Day. Of course I agree, but it’s a celebration after all and I don’t think anyone should waste the opportunity to celebrate! Me and Jordan usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for a meal but I’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently.

Planet Bounce

In the centre of Nottingham there’s a cool place called Planet Bounce which is basically a building full of trampolines. There’s a trampoline dodgeball court and trampolines where you can do tricks and land into a huge air bag. It’s basically trampoline paradise. They’re open until late in the evening so it would be perfect for a fun Valentine’s date with your special someone. You can read more about Planet Bounce here.

A weekend break

Sometimes it’s difficult to get some space away from everyone and make time for your other half. A weekend away is a chance to explore a new place and spend some quality time together. It could be expensive on Valentine’s Day weekend so maybe book for the weekend after to try and save some money. As long as you have a great time it shouldn’t matter!

Games night

I’ve already bought Jordan his Valentine’s Day gift and for a bit of fun I bought a cute card game too. It was only a few pounds from Sainsbury’s but it’s a test to see which person knows their other half best. I thought it would be fun to play on a cosy night in with a takeaway or on Valentine’s Day evening.


I’m a huge fan of bowling but I never go! It’s so much fun (except for the awful shoes) and extremely competitive so it’s perfect for two. There’s always offers on voucher websites so it might be a cheaper Valentine’s Day date too which is always good. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great time and if you’re with the one you love it won’t matter how much it cost!

A homemade meal

Instead of going out and paying loads of money for a fancy meal in a restaurant it could be so much more fun to work together and make your own Valentine’s meal at home. You could make whatever you wanted and it could be a lovely way to spend some time together and do something different. You could even go all out and make a dessert from scratch too!

These ideas might not be for everyone, but I hope there’s at least a couple that you might like to try! These ideas could also be used for other occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, they’re not limited to just Valentine’s Day. Let me know which idea is your favourite in the comments and if you’ve got any fun Valentine’s Day ideas let me know those too!

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