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I FINALLY saw James Morrison live!

I have loved James Morrison for ages and I’ve dreamt of seeing him live hundreds of times so when I got the chance to see him at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham I just couldn’t miss the opportunity! I probably paid a little too much for the tickets but I don’t mind because he’s one of those artists I’d pay almost anything to see. Plus we managed to get decent seats!

When we got to the concert hall I headed over to the merch table straight away. I was sucked in by the “personally signed” programmes. My mum burst my bubble after that by telling me that it didn’t say who had personally signed them, it could have been anyone! I like to think that James signed it though. I also got this cute tote bag, the picture below shows both sides of the bag.

James Morrison programme

james Morrison bag

We were waiting around for a while when we got upstairs and it got very crowded because the doors didn’t open until 7.30pm even though the tickets said 7pm. Our seats were right in the middle of the row so we had to squeeze past a few people but it was worth it because the view was fantastic.

The half hour wait for the support act wasn’t too bad and when he came on me and my mum were pleasantly surprised. We’d done minimal research and he was much better live than what we’d heard online. He had some hilarious stories to go with some of his songs and his personality really shone through. His name is Kelvin Jones if you want to check him out.

We had to wait another half an hour for James but he was more than worth it. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know his new album and I expected the majority of his set list to be his newer tracks but I was pleasantly surprised that he had a good mix of some of his best songs from all of his albums.

James Morrison

You could tell that the crowd had been there with him from the beginning. One of the funniest moments was when a member of the audience shouted “Call the Police”. They didn’t literally mean call the police, they were requesting one of James’s earlier tracks called Call the Police but James turned around and shouted “oh no, why?!”. He was having a real laugh with the audience and you could tell that it was genuine.

The highlight for me though was when he played my all-time favourite, Slave to the Music. It was so much better than I imagined and really made the night that bit more special for me.

james morrison close up 2

The only downside was that everyone wanted to stand up! The crowd was very varied, there was people of all ages so some wanted to dance and some didn’t. There were three girls right in the middle at the front who were dancing at first and James asked them to sit down. They ignored him, which was just plain rude, but then other people got up too. A woman on the row in front of me to the right started dancing and someone behind her asked her to sit down which she wasn’t happy about.

Don’t get me wrong, many of his songs do make you want to get up and dance but you should have a good time while respecting other people and allowing them to have a good time too.

Overall it was a fantastic night and I’ve not stopped thinking about it ever since. I’d love to see him again, I hope he comes back soon!

james morrison leaving shot

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