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Lunch at Barburrito

This weekend me and Jordan went to Barburrito in Nottingham, like we do almost every weekend. We love it there! It’s burrito paradise. So I thought to myself, why have I never told you about it? Well to be honest I don’t know and this post is long overdue, believe me.

barburrito front

Barburrito have restaurants in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Gateshead, Leeds, Liverpool and Nottingham and the menu includes classic Mexican goodies like burritos (obviously!), nachos and churros. It’s kinda like the Subway of Mexican food. You choose your rice, beans, salsa and filling and anything else you’d like so it’s completely customisable to your taste.

Jordan ALWAYS goes for the pulled pork filling and I usually have chicken but I fancied something different so I chose pulled pork too, just for a change, and I was pleasantly surprised. You can’t complain about the portions at Barburrito, they fill them as much as the tortilla will allow!

barburrito burrito

Mine was stuffed full of Mexican rice, mild beans, medium salsa, pulled pork, peppers and onions and cheese. I daren’t have anything hotter than medium salsa, that’s spicy enough for me! If you’ve got more guts than I have then you could try the extra hot salsa. Jordan had exactly the same as me except he added some crunchy lettuce.

They’ve got a good choice of soft drinks to cool you down and beer if you fancy one. I chose apple and raspberry Juicy Water because I’ve been loving it lately and Jordan went with cola as always. You could have a can or if you choose cola from the machines it’s bottomless and only costs a little bit extra.

barburrito table

The restaurant itself is really interesting. We sat on the high stools where we usually sit in front of a huge wall full of quotes and stories about Barburrito and Mexican food. My personal favourite is a story about a man in America who was running from the police and just couldn’t get locked away without enjoying his last burrito.

barburrito wall

The restaurant is right in the middle of Nottingham city centre just off of the market square so if you’re in the area you should definitely check it out. Like I say, me and Jordan love it there. We love it so much we’ve put off going to other restaurants because we can’t bear to go anywhere else!

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Barburrito before and if so, what do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? And if you’ve got any other restaurant recommendations please share them!

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