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Seven reasons why Spring isn’t that great

So today is the Spring Equinox and to be honest, I’ve been waiting for it ever since Winter began. I’ve been thinking though, and there’s plenty of reasons why Spring and Summer aren’t actually that great after all. I’m not so sure as the negatives outweigh the positives but there’s still a fair few negatives to complain about.


Now I don’t know about you, but my shaving routine literally disappears during the Winter months. There’s better things to be doing like making hot chocolate and snuggling under a blanket. But in Spring and Summer it’s difficult to avoid. When the weather gets warmer it’s time to wear cropped jeans and Summer dresses so making sure your legs are silky smooth is a must (unfortunately).

Short shorts

If you’re anything like me you do everything you can to keep as much skin covered as possible, even if it’s 23 degrees outside. Sure, it’s nice to be cool and comfortable in a pair of cute shorts but I’m super self-conscious so I prefer to roll up my jeans slightly instead. It makes me feel a bit silly though when everyone else has got their legs out.


This has to be one of the worst things about Spring and Summer. There’s bugs everywhere! They’re unavoidable and SO annoying. You can’t enjoy a BBQ or even a stroll in the park without coming into contact with some sort of creepy-crawly. Some are kinda cute like ladybirds, but wasps are certainly not cute.

Preparing for the weather

One of life’s most puzzling unanswered questions is what exactly do you wear when it’s warm and it’s raining? Do you struggle through the heat in a pac-a-mac or do you brave the rain and go without? Either way it’s not ideal. You could always take a brolly but then you’ve got to carry it. First world problems!

Inevitable disappointment

We all dream of the sun, heat and endless joy that we hope Spring and Summer will bring but it doesn’t often turn out that way. Most of the time it’s either too hot to function or a complete washout and I’m sure neither of those are what most of us think of when we imagine our ideal Summer.

Festivals from afar

There’s tons of cool festivals on during Spring and Summer and what I’ve seen on TV looks fantastic but it’s also kinda upsetting when you’re not there in person. You can’t take in the atmosphere through the TV and it’s not the same unless you’re actually there watching live.

Hay fever

I don’t suffer from hay fever myself thankfully but my brother has always suffered from it and it’s not nice at all. It’s like he has a constant cold all Summer long. It’s bad enough having a cold in Winter but in Summer it really prevents him from enjoying all the fun activities he should be taking part in like playing football with his friends and enjoying a BBQ with the family.

Of course there’s some great things about Spring that everyone enjoys but I thought I’d think about it in a different way and think about what’s not so good about Spring. Let me know in the comments what you like and dislike about Spring and Summer, I’d love to know what you think.

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