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    Why taking a break from blogging could be good for you and your blog

    If you read my post the other day about my holiday with Jordan then you might already know that I spent a week away from my blog. It wasn’t hard because we were mega busy all week but I did miss it very much. Since I’ve been back though and reunited with my computer I feel different. I think the break was good for me.

    I’ve got TONS of new ideas

    Sometimes when I’ve had a long and busy day at work I don’t really have anything to talk about on here. I might have been too busy all day to think about it. But since I’ve been back I’ve got loads of fresh new ideas, and not just about what I did over the holiday. I feel refreshed and ready to get back into my blogging routine.

    I got to spend some real quality time with Jordan

    Quality time is so important and unfortunately me and Jordan don’t get to spend a lot of it together. We’re both busy with work so weekends are when we spend the most time together but they seem to fly by and before you know it it’s Monday morning again. It was great to be able to have a week to ourselves and spend real quality time together.

    I got to experience things properly

    Sometimes I feel like I’m kinda missing out on enjoying a moment because I’m trying to get pictures for a blog post or Instagram or something but I didn’t do that all week. I barely took any pictures and instead I just enjoyed myself and I don’t regret it at all. I took full advantage of the time we had away together.

    I read more blogs

    In the evenings when we were just chilling out in the hotel I took the opportunity to catch up with some blogs and it was really good. I love reading blogs but I don’t get to do it often enough so it was great to be able to take the time to catch up with my favourite blogs and even find a couple of new ones.

    I got to use social media for something other than just self promotion

    I am terrible for leaving my Instagram for weeks and weeks without a single update. I go on almost everyday to see what people I follow are up to but I rarely ever post pictures myself. It was great to be able to post a spontaneous selfie or a cute holiday snap rather than promoting my latest post.

    Why taking a break from blogging could be good for you and your blog (1)

    Let me know, do you feel like you could do with a break from blogging? If you publish a new post everyday then even just a day off could do you good. Also let me know how you would spend all that extra time you’d have if you decided to take a blogging break?

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