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Summer is here and I’m not prepared at all

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a week then you’ll know that the weather is hotting up here in the UK. I’ve been thinking and now’s not a good time for me, could it hold off for maybe a month or two? I’m just not prepared!


If it’s going to be as hot as the weatherman says it will then I won’t be able to cope in my jeans. I’m going to have to flash some flesh, and I can’t flash my flesh without shaving first but it’s SO time consuming and my legs don’t stay silky smooth for half as long as I wish they would.


I hate sweating. It’s one of those things my body does that I really wish it wouldn’t and when the weather heats up it’s completely unavoidable.

Minimal clothing

I love my jeans and thick black tights and cosy cardigans but I can’t really wear those when it gets hot outside otherwise I’ll melt. I have hardly any summer clothes because I’m too self conscious to wear shorts or floaty dresses.

Sun cream

As an almost transparent and almost ginger person sun cream is not an option, it’s an essential. I only have to look at the sun and my face resembles a perfectly ripened tomato but that sticky sun cream feeling is AWFUL.


It’s been getting warmer for a couple of days now and we’ve already had a mutant wasp buzz into the office. Not kidding, it was huge and it’s always the same with bugs. They can find their way in just fine but they can never find their way out.

Hot rain

What do you wear when it’s hot and it rains? You’ll be too warm in a jacket but without one you’ll get wet. It happens every summer and I’m yet to find a solution. If you have a solution please tell me your secret in the comments!

Also let me know in the comments, are you looking forward to summer? Do you think we’ll have a decent one this year? Are you prepared or are you just gonna wing it like I am?

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