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The Orange Tree Derby launch night

The Orange Tree Derby launch night

Alcohol isn’t generally my thing. Unless it’s a Malibu and orange juice, then it’s 100% my thing. However when I received an invitation to The Orange Tree launch night in Derby I thought well why not?

I brought my boyfriend Jordan along and we got into town nice and early. Early enough, in fact, that we had time for pizza and curly fries (classy, I know).

The event was due to start at 7pm so we got there near enough bang on time. There wasn’t many people around and the door was closed so at first we were kinda confused. Turns out there were some last minute issues and the opening had been pushed back to 8pm.

We killed an hour in a nearby bar and by the time we got back to The Orange Tree the place was buzzing with activity. We headed straight for the bar as soon as we walked in.

The Orange Tree bar

I could not for the life of me decide what I wanted but Jordan chose straight away. Once I’d finally decided the friendly barman told us that they were only serving from the special launch night menu. This made my decision much easier as there were only four cocktails to choose from.

Jordan chose a White Russian – vodka shaken with cream poured over coffee liqueur and crushed ice. He could barely wait long enough for me to take the picture before he took a sip! It was worth the wait though, he absolutely loved the stuff.

The Orange Tree White Russian

In the end I chose a Wibble, which was a berry and gin concoction. And boy, it packed a punch! At first I liked it, but the further I got down the glass the harder it was to drink. I’m just a little weakling when it comes to cocktails!

Me and Jordan both said that the bar staff were doing a fantastic job. Especially given that the place was packed and they were constantly having their picture taken by someone (including me!).

Downstairs was rammed so we headed upstairs in the hope of finding somewhere a little more quiet to sit down. The upstairs space is called The Loft and is available to hire for parties and special events. The beams and the soft furnishings give the place a cosy feel. Whereas the shelving behind the bar and the illuminated specials board give off modern vibes.

The Orange Tree The Loft

The Orange Tree specials

The Orange Tree light

The Orange Tree window

We sat down on one of the velvet sofas next to a large sash window and made ourselves comfortable. We hadn’t been sat down long before The Loft started filling up too.

I don’t know much about what Derby has to offer in terms of night life. I’ve never been out in Derby before. From what I’ve heard from college friends the highlight of your average Saturday night in Derby is getting wrecked in a crowded nightclub. Or at least it is for them. As fun as it is to go out and dance the night away, sometimes it’s nice to just sit and have a chat over a drink or two. And I think that’s exactly what The Orange Tree would be great for.

The Orange Tree cocktail

Like I say, they weren’t serving from the main menu on the night but they’ve got a fantastic selection to try. Obviously there’s a choice of cocktails but there’s also ales, beers, cider, wine and non-alcoholic cocktails too. As cliche as it sounds, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Jordan loved his White Russian so much that he actually had four in total over the course of the night. He’s keen to go back soon to try their Maple Old Fashioned cocktail, it’s his favourite!

Personally I’d like to try their non-alcoholic cocktails. Unfortunately they’re all topped with fizzy drinks so maybe they’ll be able to top mine up with something else (in case you don’t know, I hate fizzy drinks).

I’ve just had a sneaky peek at their website and they actually have happy hour on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 5pm and 9pm and all day Thursday. So if you fancy checking it out it would be great to take advantage of the special offers!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Orange Tree for inviting me and Jordan along to their launch night. We had a great time, and I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

Let me know in the comments if you’re tempted to visit The Orange Tree. Do you like the look of any of the drinks we tried? Have you visited any of their other venues in the East Midlands?

Our drinks were gifted in exchange for this post.

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