Rush Hair, Nottingham: exclusive VIP night

Rush Hair, Nottingham: exclusive VIP night

A few weeks ago (read: three months ago) I was very kindly invited to the exclusive VIP pre-opening of the new Rush hair salon in Nottingham city centre. Nottingham isn’t the nearest city to me, however it is my favourite city in my local area so I was super excited!

Rush Hair Nottingham VIP event

I arrived early but, luckily for me, a few other people did too so I got the chance to say hello and introduce myself before we went inside.

My first impressions were fantastic! The place was spotless. There were tons of products stacked on the shelves and each one was perfectly placed. You could tell that care, attention and a whole lot of effort had been put into the salon.

Rush Hair Nottingham VIP event

Rush Hair Nottingham VIP event

The staff were genuinely lovely and made sure that each and every one of us received a warm welcome. I chatted with a few of them as we wandered round the salon and they were all super excited for the opening and also truly proud to be a part of the Rush brand.

There were a few different stations dotted around the salon where we could go and have a taste of the Rush experience. My friend Jay had her hair braided by one of the stylists. It looked really cool! I wish I could have had something done with my hair but there’s not a lot you can do when it’s so short!

Rush Hair Nottingham VIP event

Rush Hair Nottingham VIP event

Another one of my friends, Jess, had her hair styled too. I had to leave a little early so unfortunately I didn’t get to see the finished look but I’m sure it was stunning. Everyone who had their hair styled looked amazing! I thought it was a great idea because you can have your hair professionally done while also getting to know the stylists.

Rush Hair Nottingham VIP event

I’ve only ever had my hair done in a salon once in my whole life. I have my hair cut by a family friend and have done for as long as I can remember so (for me especially) the salon was impressive. It’s the type of place I would go for a treat or a special occasion. My mum has her hair done in a professional salon and has it dyed too so Rush would be great for her.

I had to leave a little early to catch my bus home but I was kindly given a Rush goody bag to take with me. Inside there was:

  • some Love Hearts sweets
  • a Rush pen
  • a price list
  • a Rush card holder with a complimentary blow dry card inside
  • blow dry cream
  • a 50% off voucher
  • fundamental nutrition balm for dried out hair

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Rush for inviting me to their exclusive VIP night. I had a fantastic time!

To find out more information about Rush Nottingham or any of the Rush salons across the UK then click here. You can find your nearest Rush salon, book an appointment and view the latest special offers.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever been to a Rush salon. If so, what did you think? If not, has my post tempted you to treat yourself and book an appointment?



    • Sophie Wright
      January 18, 2017 / 10:12 am

      We did thank you! It was a great evening

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