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Exploring Paradise Island Adventure Golf at intu Derby

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to explore the new Paradise Island Adventure Golf located within intu Derby’s new multi-million pound entertainment complex. The complex had been on my radar long before it was even being constructed! I read about it in a local newspaper and thought it was exactly what Derby was crying out for. So obviously when I received the invitation I jumped at the opportunity!

I invited my brother along and we decided to visit on a Sunday afternoon. We thought this might be a good time because we never normally do much on a Sunday anyway and we hoped it wouldn’t be too busy. We were very wrong! There was a little mix up with my booking which was soon fixed but it didn’t take long for a short queue to form behind me. It was a lot busier than we expected!

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. I knew it wasn’t going to be ridiculously difficult but the course was actually more challenging than I thought it would be. There were plenty of fun obstacles and scenery. If you didn’t already know then you’d never guess that it’s in the place of what used to be part of the car park!

We decided to go round in order so we started off on the Mermaid Rock course. The course was themed like a jungle or rainforest with lots of trees and leaves everywhere. We didn’t have to rush as there wasn’t anyone waiting behind us and we weren’t having to wait for anyone ahead of us either. It meant we could take our time and really enjoy the game.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

However when we moved onto the second course, Shark Bay, it was a lot busier. In fact, I don’t really know where everyone came from because the first course wasn’t half as busy! We had to wait a short while before we could even get started as there was a queue for the first hole. The queue continued throughout the course so it took much longer for us to get round the second course compared to the first one.

I still preferred Shark Bay to Mermaid Rock though, and my brother said the same. The scenery was more varied and impressive. I think my favourite part was the huge lighthouse in the corner but the entire course was super fun and exciting.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

After you’ve completed both courses there’s an opportunity to win a free game if you can get a hole in one at the 19th hole. I gave it a go and it was close but unfortunately I didn’t quite make it. My brother didn’t either. It isn’t impossible though! While we were there we saw someone get a hole in one.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

One of the things I noticed as we were going round was the huge range of people taking part in the adventure golf. There were families with young children, people our age hanging out with their friends and couples enjoying a fun date. Places are often described as being “fun for all the family” or that there’s “something for everyone” and it’s rarely true. However Paradise Island is the exception! Literally anyone can take part in adventure golf and have a great time.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

I’m already planning my next trip back. I’m going to convince my boyfriend, Jordan, to come along for a date night soon. He’d love it because he can be super competitive when he wants to be!

You can find out more about Paradise Island Adventure Golf on their website including prices, opening times and special offers. Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s so much fun!

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve been to the new intu Derby entertainment complex yet? Has my post tempted you to try your hand at Paradise Island Adventure Golf? Have you already been? I’d love to know what you think!

Our experience was gifted in exchange for this blog post.

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    June 22, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    This is great,now I’m wanting to try it out as well., *adding this to my to do list* Have a great day

    • Reply
      Sophie Wright
      June 26, 2017 at 8:09 pm

      You definitely should Debbie! I hope you have a great day too x

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