Monthly highlights

Monthly highlights: September 2017

Monthly highlights: September 2017

I’ve got a confession to make… September was so busy and went so fast that I actually forgot to make a list of my highlights. I realised at the last minute that September was nearly over and done with for another year. That was when I knew that I needed to get my bum in gear and write my September highlights post! So, I might have missed a few things but let’s make a start.

Also, I’m sorry this post is so late! As always, I’ve been a busy bee so blogging was put on a back burner. You’ll find out what I’ve been busy doing when I publish my October highlights post in a few weeks.

Doughnotts has arrived in Derby!

Okay, I have another confession… the Doughnotts event technically took place in August but I forgot to mention it so I thought I’d sneak it into my September highlights. Hope you don’t mind! I’ll be honest, I haven’t got a clue how I forgot about it because it was a fantastic event.

In case you don’t know, Doughnotts are an independent local business based in Nottingham who create the most wonderful doughnuts. They invited me along to celebrate the opening of their brand new store in Derby so I obviously jumped at the opportunity! You only have to scroll through their Instagram to see just how creative and passionate they are about what they do. If you’re in the area then you 100% need to pay them a visit!

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Unless you moved to another planet for the whole of September I’m sure you’ve heard the enormous hype surrounding the new film adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, It. I promised my brother I’d go and see it with him when he first saw the trailer months ago but I thought I’d live to regret it. However I actually really enjoyed the movie. It was very scary and I didn’t expect it to be so gory but it was really good. 10/10, would definitely recommend.

I don’t need you, I have Wi-Fi

Next launched their new Autumn/Winter collection early in September. In fact, it might have even been late August. Whenever it was, I spotted the sassiest jumper I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I fell in love with the slogan but I wasn’t sure about the style. Anyway, my mum bought it for me as a surprise and I’ve worn it at almost every opportunity since! It’s super comfy and sassy too, what’s not to love?

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I finally tried Five Guys!

Before we went along to Rescue Rooms in Nottingham to see King No-One (more about that later!), me and Jordan stopped by Five Guys for a bite to eat. We’ve never been before despite the fact that Five Guys has been in Notts for almost forever now and that every time we walk past one of us says “we should go there one day”. Yeah well we finally did and ~spoiler alert~ we loved it. Jordan even went as far as to say it was the best burger he has ever had! I’ve been craving another ever since so, trust me, it won’t be long before we go again.

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King No-One at Rescue Rooms

We’re used to seeing buskers in Nottingham, there’s one on almost every street corner on an average Saturday. However, when me and Jordan saw King No-One performing in Clumber Street a little over a year ago we knew they were something different. I followed them everywhere on social media and have kept up with them ever since. They busk all over the country but they’re originally from York.

I got tickets for their show at Rescue Rooms as soon as they went on sale. They weren’t expensive and I thought, if nothing else, it would be a decent night out. But honestly, I was blown away by their talent! Their frontman Zach is a natural born performer. The crowd was quite a bit younger than us but that didn’t put us off at all. Their songs are super catchy; my favourite is probably Systematic but I love them all. Have a listen and keep an eye out for them in a city near you!

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Nutella B-ready

You might not have heard of them but Nutella have brought out a new snack designed for your mid-morning break called Nutella B-ready. It’s basically a crisp wafer split into three parts with a splodge of Nutella in the middle of each one. Apparently there’s puffed wheat crispies in the middle too but honestly I didn’t know that until I read the packet. If you love Nutella then you’ll love Nutella B-ready but, be warned, they’re expensive!

Nottingham Secret Dinner Club event

I received a last minute invitation to the Nottingham Secret Dinner Club event towards the end of September. Obviously, because it was all top secret, I received almost no information about where we were going or what we were doing. I haven’t had chance to write my post yet but I definitely will because it was one of the best events I have ever been to and I had the best time! It was so well organised and everyone was gushing about how wonderful it was.

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Again, I’m sorry this post is so late. Better late than never! Leave me a comment and let me know a couple of your September highlights. I’d love to know what you’ve been up to!

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