Monthly highlights

Monthly highlights: October, November and December 2017

Monthly highlights: October, November and December 2017

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve published a monthly highlights post! In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve published a post at all.

I could blame it on being busy (as always) but, honestly, I’ve not really been interested in blogging much lately. It’s been more of a chore than something to look forward to.

That being said, I have been stupidly busy so this monthly highlights is a bumper edition. Lucky you, eh? Some of these highlights are literally life-changing so I couldn’t not write about them!

Thank you for sticking with me while I’ve been away. I hope you enjoy my long-awaited comeback post and, as always, let me know what you think.


Our 6th anniversary

On October 12th, me and Jordan celebrated our 6th anniversary. I know what you’re thinking, how has it been six years?! To celebrate we spent a night away in Birmingham and went to one of our fave restaurants, Buffalo and Rye. We love it there and could not recommend it enough!

Impractical Jokers

I booked tickets to see the Impractical Jokers: Where’s Larry? tour way back in the Spring. After looking forward to it for so long I was not disappointed! They were hilarious, as usual. I decided to book a cheap hotel too as I was hoping we’d be able to meet them after the show if we waited around long enough. I had a good feeling, and my feeling was right as we managed to meet Joe and Murr! It definitely goes down in history as one of the best nights of my life.

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I passed my driving test!

After having regular-ish driving lessons on-and-off for a little over a year I finally passed my driving test! I passed first time with only three minor faults which I was very pleased with. I wasn’t massively nervous about my test but it was a huge relief when I passed. Which leads very nicely on to my next highlight…

I got my first car!

This one was completely unexpected! I was aiming to get a car around May 2018 as there was no way I could afford one until I finished my apprenticeship. However, I was having a little browse online and spotted my dream first car with ridiculously low mileage which I could possibly afford (at a push!). I went to have a look and fell in love! Obviously I bought it and I’ve never ever looked back. It definitely beats having to catch two buses to work everyday!


Little Mix

Earlier in the year I splashed out on a couple of VIP tickets to see Little Mix at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena. I went with my brother as he is literally their biggest fan and we had the best time! They looked and sounded incredible, even though Jade was a little bit poorly. I would definitely love to see them again, in fact I will be doing when they come to Derby in July! I can’t wait.

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The Kooks

As well as Little Mix, I was also lucky enough to see The Kooks in November too. I’ve loved The Kooks for a long time and when I missed out on tickets for their Spring tour I was really disappointed. They were definitely worth the wait though! They played all my old favourites including Eddie’s Gun and Do You Wanna as well as some new songs too. I’m super excited for them to release new music in 2018! I’d love to see them again.

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My 21st birthday

Yep, that’s right. In December I turned 21, so I think that means I’m officially an adult. My original birthday plans were ruined by the snow but I still had a lovely day with my family. I received lots of lovely gifts and had a delicious Nutella and Ferrero Rocher cheesecake to celebrate. But that wasn’t all…

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Yet another trip to York

I also went away to my favourite place on planet earth for a couple of nights. I love York at Christmas time! The decorations, the Christmas market and Thor’s tipi are just a few of my favourite parts. I spent a lot of money and ate a lot of food and I can’t wait to go back and do it all again!

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I finally completed my apprenticeship!

I’ve been an apprentice for nearly two and a half years but in December I finally completed my Level 4 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. There were times when I didn’t know if I could do it but I got there in the end and I couldn’t be happier!

I warned you it was going to be a long one! Thank you so much if you made it this far. I’m hoping 2018 is going to be full of even more incredible highlights.

Leave me a comment and let me know a few of your 2017 highlights or what you’ve been up to this past few months. You know what I’ve been up to, so I’d love to find out what you’ve been up to!

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    February 6, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    Big congratulations on passing your driving test! It’s not something I’ve managed to do yet! x

    • Reply
      Sophie Wright
      February 16, 2018 at 7:14 pm

      Thank you, I’m so relieved! Aw you’ll get there one day! I hope sooner rather than later x

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