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Las Iguanas, Nottingham has had a makeover!

Las Iguanas Nottingham makeover

If you know me, even just a little bit, you will know I love a big heaping plate of Mexican food any day of the damn week. Burritos, tacos, nachos, fajitas, enchiladas. You name it, I love it.

So that’s why, when I received a lovely invitation from Las Iguanas to check out their revamped Nottingham branch I was super excited but also baffled as to why I’d never been before.

We were shown to our table almost straight away. There was a teeny queue but that was to be expected as the place was literally packed full.

We ordered our drinks fairly quickly but we needed a little while longer to mull over the food menu. There was just so much to choose from! We decided to go for two raspberry iced teas. Neither of us are big drinkers anyway but I was driving so it was mocktails all the way! I really liked mine but Jordan wasn’t a big fan. He decided he didn’t like raspberry that much after he ordered a raspberry iced tea. Sigh.

Although, funny story, there was actually a little mix up with the drinks. We were given the two cocktails that were meant to go to the table next to us but, by the time the waiting staff had realised, we’d both already taken a sip. Never mind! It worked out well for Jordan because he actually preferred that drink so we ended up keeping those as well as the two iced teas we originally ordered.

Las Iguanas Nottingham cocktails

I was impressed with the number of mocktails and soft drinks they had on the menu. Sometimes restaurants forget that not everyone can or wants to drink alcohol!

As for the food, we decided to share a starter and a desert and have a main each so we could really get the full experience. Plus, more food for us to try.

For our starter we chose the Dadinhos because who doesn’t love cheese cubes covered in breadcrumbs then deep fried and served with a sticky chilli jam? They were as delicious as they sound and now, just writing this, I’ve got serious cravings for more.

Las Iguanas Nottingham dadinhos

For his main, Jordan chose the Blazing Bird with spicy BBQ jerk sauce, coleslaw and curly fries. My first thought was are curly fries an authentic Latin American side? But, then again, curly fries are obviously superior to regular fries so who really cares?

I chose a classic enchilada filled with roast butternut squash, red peppers, spinach & cheese. I can’t have read the menu properly because it came with spring onion rice and refried beans which was a total surprise. Especially seeing as I’m not the biggest fan of refried beans. Nevertheless I still gave them a try and I actually didn’t hate them. I didn’t love them either but they were nicer than the refried beans I’ve had before.

Las Iguanas Nottingham main course

Overall we both really enjoyed the mains. Jordan’s Blazing Bird was spicy and tender and my enchilada was packed full of filling from end to end. It was spicier than I thought it would be but it wasn’t too hot and it definitely didn’t stop me from wolfing it down.

We made sure to leave just enough room for a dessert and there was only one thing we wanted; churros. They were dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with pots of chocolate ganache and dulce de leche for dunking. I judge restaurants harshly on the quality of their churros and Las Iguanas did not disappoint. They were crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle, just like a good churro should be.

Las Iguanas Nottingham churros

Once we’d finished filling our faces it gave us chance to fully appreciate the décor. Obviously I can’t comment on how it is now compared to how it was before but it’s really modern yet still gives off an authentic Latin American vibe. My favourite part was this massive painting which took up the entire wall directly opposite our table.

I Googled what it means and I think it translates to “I love you very much” but, honestly, that could be completely wrong. Who cares? It looks fab and that’s all that matters!

Las Iguanas Nottingham makeover

Before I close this off I’d like to give a special thank you to our waiter for the night, Bal. He was super attentive, despite how busy it was, and made sure we were happy at all times. He gave me a card so I could add a review on TripAdvisor but I wanted to add a little something on here too.

If you’d like to find your nearest Las Iguanas, browse their menu or even book a table then visit their website.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever been to a Las Iguanas restaurant before? If so, what did you think? If not, has my review tempted you to visit?

Our meals were gifted in exchange for this blog post.

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