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Walkabout, Derby: My verdict on their new menu

Walkabout Derby New Menu

I feel like I’ve been writing tons of foodie posts lately and, honestly, I’m loving it. So I’m sorry if foodie posts aren’t your thing but, at the same time, not sorry.

On Friday evening me and my boo went along to Walkabout in Derby city centre to try their new menu. I’ve only ever been to Walkabout once before and that was when I was invited along to try their menu the first time. So I kinda knew what to expect but I was also looking forward to trying something new.

Our booking was for 6pm and we were a tiny bit late. The bar was fairly busy but not too bad and, other than that, the place was pretty quiet. Most other customers were drinking rather than eating, probably making a head start on a lively Friday night.

We were shown to our table and made ourselves comfortable in our enormous booth seat. After a short while our lovely waiter, Callum, came across to take our drinks order. I was so deep in the food menu I hadn’t even thought about what I wanted to drink. However, I remembered how much I loved the mocktail I ordered last time so I took a guess that it was the Virgin Aussie Sunset and I was right! It’s made with passionfruit puree, orange and pineapple juices, vanilla syrup and grenadine. So tasty! Jordan played it safe and ordered a much less exciting Coca Cola.

Walkabout Derby New Menu

We took quite some time mulling over our food order. Walkabout have a fab offer on where you can get three of their snacks for £12.95 so that’s what we went for. I chose the tin can mac and cheese, the crispy breaded chicken strips and the potato wedges with cheese and bacon. Jordan chose the tin can mac and cheese, the parmi skewers (crispy breaded chicken chunks with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce) and the sweetcorn fritters with maple bacon.

The tin can mac and cheese was really tasty but we both agreed that there were too many potato wedges and not enough actual macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese that we did have was delicious, I’d just prefer it if there was more of it.

Walkabout Derby New Menu

I loved my crispy breaded chicken strips so much I could have eaten a mountain of them (not literally obvs). The chicken was tender and the batter was light and crispy. I also loved Jordan’s parmi skewers. He let me steal a couple of the chicken chunks and they were just as tasty as my chicken strips.

Walkabout Derby New Menu

Jordan didn’t love his sweetcorn fritters but he thought they were okay, and I did too. It just seemed like there was too much batter for the fritters. My portion of potato wedges was absolutely massive so I couldn’t finish them but they were yummy. I’d prefer a little more cheese but I am crazy for cheese so that might just be me.

Walkabout Derby New Menu

Overall we really enjoyed the food and we thought it was good value. There was enough food between us for probably three people so if you had a couple of mates you could order a snack each and share between each other for not very much money at all.

Unfortunately, we had eaten far too much food and didn’t leave any room for pudding. I was especially disappointed as I know first-hand how good their freakshakes are!

The only thing I didn’t completely enjoy was the atmosphere, however this is just a personal thing.

There were quite a few people celebrating the start of the weekend and having a drink or two. At times it was quite noisy and, on the table next to us, a bit of a confrontation erupted between a couple of the other customers. Luckily we’d finished our meal by this point but if we had just sat down or had only just began eating I would have felt very uncomfortable. I probably would have felt less intimidated if I was with a larger group of people but, because it was just me and Jordan, I felt quite vulnerable.

If I was sat at a different table, out with a larger group of people or drinking alcohol alongside most of the other customers I probably wouldn’t have noticed the atmosphere. In fact, I might have even enjoyed it. At the end of the day, Walkabout is a bar chain and a lively, noisy atmosphere is to be expected (within reason of course). You wouldn’t go to Walkabout for a fancy evening meal, you would go for a casual meal out and a few drinks with some friends.

The service was fantastic, the food and drink was really tasty and my issue with the atmosphere could easily be rectified by simply asking to be seated in a quieter area. Honestly, don’t let it put you off visiting! I’m sure the staff would be more than happy to accommodate.

Walkabout Derby New Menu

If you’re a fan of tasty food and a good selection of alcoholic (and, to be fair, non-alcoholic) drinks then definitely consider Walkabout for your next night out or laid-back weekend lunch. You can find your local Walkabout bar on their website.

Leave me a comment and let me know, have you ever visited a Walkabout bar before? If not, have I tempted you to give it a try? I’d love to know what you think!

Our meals were gifted in exchange for this blog post.

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