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Foodie first impressions: Annie’s Burger Shack, Nottingham

Annie's Burger Shack

I can be a drama queen, I won’t even deny it, but I am not exaggerating even a little bit when I say that I have dreamed about visiting Annie’s Burger Shack for years.

My old boss told me all about Annie’s Burger Shack, probably four years ago now, and that was the first I’d heard of the place. I’ve always loved a good burger (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) so I just knew that I had to check it out.

Four years passed and I still hadn’t been. There wasn’t really a reason why, I just always ended up visiting somewhere else for a meal when a special occasion came around. But, only a few weeks ago, I visited Annie’s Burger Shack for the first time and I just had to share my experience!

Annie's Burger Shack

Annie’s Burger Shack is located in Nottingham’s Lace Market within easy walking distance of the city centre.

I went with my boyfriend, Jordan, just for fun to be honest. I had been working weekends for around 18 months so it was a kinda celebration for me having my weekends back.

It was a busy Saturday lunchtime and the place was full of happy customers. There was a real mix of people there; friends, couples, families. There wasn’t an unhappy face in the room!

It didn’t take long for one of their friendly staff members to pop over and take our drinks order. I had been so busy taking in the atmosphere and looking round at everyone else’s meals I hadn’t even thought about my own! Luckily, they do a crackin’ chocolate milkshake so it was a no-brainer for me. Jordan ordered a classic Coca Cola.

I’ve just realised while writing this review that all of their milkshakes (except for the cookies and cream one) are vegan. Very impressive!

Annie's Burger Shack

The menu is absolutely enormous – they offer in excess of 30 burgers! Every single burger can be served vegan, veggie or meaty and all come with a choice of fries including curly fries, skinny fries and homemade Cajun or salted wedges. You can also pay extra for sweet potato fries or onion rings.

If you’ve read my post about the small steps I’m taking to make the world a better place then you’ll know that it’s important to me that vegetarians and vegans have just as much choice as anyone else when it comes to eating out. I also believe that they shouldn’t have to compromise on food because of their health requirements or lifestyle choices so I was really impressed with the menu at Annie’s Burger Shack.

Annie's Burger Shack

One thing I wasn’t impressed about was just how long it took for me to make a decision on which burger I wanted to order! I managed to narrow it down to two but then I had to do eeny meeny miny moe (I know, I’m a child).

In the end the winner was (drumroll please) The Sloppy Joe burger and what a worthy winner it was. Boy oh boy the thing was a masterpiece. It came topped with American style cheddar cheese, onion rings and a heap of homemade chilli.

Annie's Burger Shack

I chose the meaty burger. The burger itself was the perfect thickness, not super thin but not enormously thick like some burgers can be. And there wasn’t a scrap of gristle throughout the whole thing. Sweet diggity it was good.

There was bucket-loads of chilli (not literally, but you get the idea) and it was top quality chilli. So often Sloppy Joe burgers are let down by a subpar chilli but oh no Annie’s was different. It was just as good as my Nana’s chilli and my Nana’s chilli is the best! Trust me.

I ordered the homemade salted wedges and they were probably the best thing that could ever happen to a potato. They were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle – the perfect potato wedge.

Jordan ordered the vegetarian Lemmy burger which came with American style cheddar cheese, a mountain of jalapenos and Jack Daniels mustard sauce. 90% of the reason he ordered The Lemmy burger was because he loves Lemmy but also because he loves jalapenos.

Annie's Burger Shack

He was really impressed with the burger itself. He often chooses vegetarian burgers because he doesn’t like finding gristle in traditional beef burgers. He just wasn’t sure exactly what it was made from. It wasn’t a big deal, if he cared that much he could have asked someone, but it wasn’t specified in the menu.

He ordered curly fries and loved them, he always does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many curly fries on one plate but he didn’t have any trouble polishing them off!

In the end the bill came to just over £30 if I remember correctly. The burgers range in price from £8.90 for The Classic burger to £13.20 for The Maryland Crabcake burger. That includes the burger itself and your choice of side.

Obviously there’s cheaper burgers out there but I’ve paid a lot more for worse burgers so, to be honest, I don’t think the prices are bad at all. They are more than worth it in my opinion! Especially when you consider the portion sizes and the quality of the food.

So worth it in fact that only a few weeks later we were back for round two.

Jordan ordered The Lemmy burger (again) because he loved it so much the first time and I ordered The Peppino Pizza burger. I’d heard so many great things about The Peppino Pizza burger and, lucky for me, it lived up to every expectation. They are so generous with the toppings!

Annie's Burger Shack

Annie’s Burger Shack – Rapid-fire review!


Fantastic! Their portion sizes are huge and everything is really well made – 10/10


It’s great value for what you get – 10/10


Friendly, smiley staff who are more than happy to help – 10/10

Food menu

Enormous! There really is something for everyone – 10/10

Drinks menu

Good selection of soft and alcoholic drinks – 10/10

Dessert menu

We were too full for dessert so we didn’t order anything unfortunately. The dessert menu isn’t on their website but was on a specials board in the restaurant when we visited so it probably changes regularly – N/A


Plates were cleared away and tables were cleaned promptly – 10/10


It felt relaxed and casual when we visited at lunchtime but obviously I can’t comment on other times of the day – 10/10

Overall experience

If I could afford to I would eat here every week! – 10/10

How likely we are to visit again

We will definitely be back, I’m already counting down the days! – 10/10

Annie's Burger Shack

You can browse the full menu, book a table and find out more about Annie’s Burger Shack on their website.

Leave me a comment and let me know, have you visited Annie’s Burger Shack before? If not, have I tempted you to? If you have, what’s your favourite burger on the menu?

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    YUM that sounds so good! 🙂 I love a good burger!
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