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5 struggles I have when it comes to creating kick-ass fashion content

5 struggles I have when it comes to creating kick-ass fashion content

Fashion content is some of my favourite content to create. However I very rarely publish fashion-related posts and that’s because I find fashion content so hard to create.

It’s not for lack of inspiration, I am bursting with inspiration! Seeing my fave blogging gals push out killer posts day-in day-out pushes me to do the same. But there’s a few obstacles in my way, and I’m hoping I’m not alone.

I often dress with convenience in mind rather than fashion

If I’m going to share an outfit then it needs to be an outfit I adore, that I feel fabulous in and that I think other people will love too. Unfortunately I don’t have lots of outfits like that. Most of my clothes I choose for comfort or convenience so it’s rare for me to actually make a special effort.

For example, over summer I’ve pretty much lived in jeans, slogan t-shirts and sandals. Over winter I probably won’t drift far from jeans, slogan jumpers and trainers. What can I say? I’m predictable.

It’s not practical for me to buy new clothes all the time

I buy a lot of clothes but not everything is good enough for me to share on the blog. I don’t have enough money (or storage space) to be buying blog-worthy outfits every week!

When it comes to fashion blogging, content can become old and out of date in no time at all because trends move on so quickly. So it’s difficult for me to keep up and regularly publish fashion content that people are actually interested in.

A good photographer can be expensive

Not every blogger has the luxury of having a partner or friend who also happens to be a professional photographer. Some do, but they are the lucky ones. For the rest of us, we either have to make do with the equipment and skills we have or fork out for a photographer.

The world of fashion blogging can be competitive so it’s crucial your content stands out from the crowd. Sometimes, rather than making do with the equipment and skills you have, it’s better to just pay someone who knows what they’re doing.

The downside with this is photographers can be expensive. Especially for someone like me who just blogs for fun alongside a full time job. I tend to make do with what I have to hand and that’s a reluctant boyfriend and an Olympus PEN E-PL7. This works okay for me for now, but is it holding me back?

Finding the perfect place to take outfit pics is harder than it looks

I often scroll through Insta and look at outfit pics from Hannah Gale and Lauren Black and wonder how they do it. Seriously, how do they manage to take such professional shots? How do they find such cute locations to shoot? How do they look so natural when they pose? Endless questions.

A lot of Lauren’s pics are taken in locations that you don’t see other fashion bloggers flocking to, which baffles me even more. See below for example. She’s literally shooting in what appears to be a typical corner shop yet she is looking drop dead gorgeous (as always). How? How does she do it? Share your magic Lauren.

Jessica from Heart Shaped Bones creates a lot of her fashion content on her own in her house. It’s easy to get hold of a tripod but it’s not so easy to create the beautiful space that Jessica has. If I had that then creating fashion content would at least be a little bit easier.

When there’s so many gals killing it out there with the fashion content, will anyone care about mine?

I said it earlier, I love fashion content. Be it when I’m scrolling through Instagram or when I’m having a read through some of my favourites blogs. But (I said this earlier too) I’m not the most fashionable gal in the world, by a long way.

When babes like Hannah Gale, Hello Miss Jordan and Phases of Robyn are literally smashing their fashion content, will anyone care about mine? I said it earlier (again sorry lol) high quality content is essential. 

I suppose I can either pack it all in and admit defeat or I can take inspiration from these incredible women and produce quality fashion content with my own unique spin. I know which one of those options sounds best to me!

Leave me a comment and let me know, can you relate to any of my wannabe fashion blogger problems? Also, let me know who your favourite fashion bloggers are. I’m always on the hunt for more to follow! Especially on Instagram.

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  • Reply
    October 16, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    I relate to this on so many levels. It’s equally frustrating as it is challenging because it’s forcing me to think outside of the box!

    • Reply
      Sophie Wright
      October 27, 2018 at 9:00 am

      I totally agree! It pushes us all to create the best content we possibly can, whatever level we’re on or resources we have available to us. Thank you so much for reading and commenting xx

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