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Keep warm this winter with a Fentimans hot cocktail

Fentimans hot cocktails

The mornings are dark, the evenings are dark and it always seems to be cold and wet outside. Winter is not the cheeriest season (besides the Christmas period, of course).

Cocktails aren’t so much a thing in winter as they are in summer. Mostly because we’re all too cold to be thinking of sipping something sweet, juicy and served over ice. So the lovely people at Fentimans have come up with a brilliant range of hot cocktail recipes to thaw us out over the colder months.

The best part is, all you need to do is simmer the ingredients in a pan on a low heat and take it off the heat as soon as it’s warm enough. This makes sure the cocktail retains it’s alcohol levels. And then all that’s left to do is enjoy!

Sloe Burner

  • Fentimans Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water
  • Warner Edwards Sloe Gin
  • A lemon slice & fresh mint to garnish

The notes of cherry and almond in the sloe gin compliment the Fentimans Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water to create a sweet and punchy G&T.

Fentimans Warming Storm

Warming Storm

  • Fentimans Ginger Beer
  • Kraken Spiced Rum
  • A lime slice and cinnamon stick to garnish

A warming twist on the famous Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail. The spiced rum gives a kick to the fiery Ginger Beer and the slice of lime balances out the sweetness.

Fentimans Winter Bloom

Winter Bloom

  • Fentimans Rose Lemonade
  • Hendricks Gin
  • A pink grapefruit slice & star anise to garnish

The undertones of cucumber and rose in Hendricks Gin pairs perfectly with Fentimans Rose Lemonade to make a warming, sweet and floral cocktail.

Fentimans Smooth n' Ginger

Smooth ‘n’ Ginger

  • Fentimans Ginger Ale
  • Glenmorangie Whisky
  • Vanilla essence or pod
  • An orange slice and sliced vanilla pod to garnish

The Glenmorangie Whisky and Ginger Ale combined with either a drop of vanilla essence or a vanilla pod creates a smooth and spicy take on the classic Whisky Ginger.

Fentimans Winter Warner

Winter Warner

  • Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water
  • Warner Edwards Sloe Gin
  • A pink grapefruit slice & fresh mint to garnish

Another Sloe G&T recipe. This time with Warner Edward’s Sloe Gin and Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water to balance the sweetness.

If none of these take your fancy then Fentimans have eleven flavours of soft drinks and fourteen mixers, plus a selection of pre-mixed alcoholic beverages so there’s something to please everyone. You can find them nationwide in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose.

Leave me a comment and let me know whether any of these warming cocktails have taken your fancy? Will you be giving them a try this winter?

I was gifted a selection of Fentimans drinks in exchange for this blog post.

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