Monthly highlights

Monthly highlights: November 2018

Monthly highlights: November 2018

I’ve not done a proper good old-fashioned monthly highlights post in ages.

To be honest, and I always say it, my life isn’t exciting. I don’t do much, and the things I do do (do do?) are usually things I’ve done before or repeatedly do.

ANYWAY enough excuses. Here’s my November highlights.

I went away on holiday

I didn’t go abroad (if you didn’t already know, I’m yet to venture outside the confines of the British isles) but I went a long way away from home. I visited Portsmouth (Southsea if we’re being precise) with my mum, brother, nana and grandad. It was our first proper family holiday for years.

We visited the New Forest, walked along the seafront and had a bit of a shopping spree in Gunwharf Quays. We were only away for five days but I will cherish the memories forever and they were some of the happiest times we’ve spent together as a family.


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The ultimate pink, sparkly but kind of practical shoes

About a year ago, maybe longer, I visited the Dr Martens outlet store at York Designer Outlet and fell in love with a bright pink sparkly pair of shoes in the kids section. I can sometimes fit into a size 5 but unfortunately the biggest size they had was a 3 so I couldn’t give them a try. I never forgot about them and whenever I visited one of their stores I always kept an eye out for them.

During my holiday I visited the Dr Martens store at Gunwharf Quays. I already knew before we got to Gunwharf Quays, before we even got to Portsmouth, that there was a Dr Martens store there. I hoped that they’d have them but I wasn’t sure that they would. I assumed that after an entire year they would have all sold out.

But no no no, lucky me managed to bag the pink sparkly Dr Martens I had lusted over for literally more than a year! And, here’s the best bit, they were only £15! I practically bit the sales assistant’s hand off when she told me how much they were. That has to go down as one of my best bargains of the year, or maybe even ever!


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Stranger Things Day

When Stranger Things first blew up a few years ago I had no idea what all the hype was about. I didn’t even know what the show was about. I knew it was good because I had seen loads of people posting about it but I’d never made the time to watch it myself. Until my boyfriend Jordan watched it and then convinced me to watch it too.

I fell in love with the characters and the storyline had me hooked from start to finish. My favourite character is Eleven but I have a real soft spot for Jonathan, Dustin and Steve (season two Steve, not so much season one – if you know, you know). I am well and truly obsessed so obviously I couldn’t miss Stranger Things Day!


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Bonfire night

I love bonfire night! It’s one of the best nights of the year. I always do at least something to celebrate but this year was better than most. I went along with my work colleagues to the 360 Fireworks event about an hour from my home. There were food stalls, fairground rides and more fireworks than I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the best time! I’ll definitely be going back again next year.


The queens of Little Mix have released their latest album, but you probably know this already. If you don’t then seriously, where have you been?

They’ve teased for a long time that this album is much different from their others, and they weren’t kidding! It’s got a much more grown up sound to it and they sing about some really important topics such as gender equality, mental health and body confidence.

My favourite tracks are Wasabi, Motivate, Joan of Arc and Think About Us. Which ones are your favourites?


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New Fitbit

I’ve had the Fitbit Alta HR for a couple of years and I love it. Before then I had the Fitbit Flex 2 so I’ve been an avid Fitbit fan for quite a few years. I knew the Fitbit Charge 3 was being revealed soon but I wasn’t bothered about upgrading so didn’t even look into it to be honest. Until my mum ordered one from QVC and told me it was water-resistant!

I go swimming regularly and usually track my swims either using a smartband provided by my local leisure centre (which, to be honest, is a bit hit-and-miss) or by manually inputting my workout into the Fitbit app. So having a device which can record my swims automatically without me having to do anything at all is so much easier! I am obsessed.

Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland

Nottingham’s Christmas market is one of my favourite things about the festive season. I make sure to visit every year, without fail! Mostly for the food, but also for the festive vibes and cute stalls. This year it is bigger and better than ever with loads of Christmassy bars (including an ice bar!), a toboggan ride and even more delicious food to try.

I’ve only visited once but I’m hoping to squeeze in another visit between Christmas and new year, before they pack it all away. Have you visited any Christmas markets this year? Do you have a favourite Christmas market?


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So that was my November. How was yours? As always, this post has been published at least two weeks later than I wanted to publish it but that’s life. Hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Leave me a comment and share some of your November highlights with me. I’d love to hear what you’ve been getting up to.



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