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Foodie first impressions: Toastie Shack

My Meatball Marinara toastie from Toastie Shack

I first heard of Toastie Shack a few weeks ago when they followed me on Instagram. I had a scroll through their feed and, honestly, it was love at first sight. Picture after picture of thick, cheesy toasties oozing with tasty fillings. I just knew I had to get my hands on one! Especially when I discovered they’re based just down the road at sunny South Normanton.

It was really easy to find – on South Normanton’s main high street. And, if you’re not a local like me, it’s only a few minutes from junction 28 of the M1.

We parked up just down the road in a free council car park and wandered up the main high street to the shack. It’s on a corner so makes the most of huge windows which flood the cafe with gorgeous natural light.

The window bench at Toastie Shack

As we walked in we were greeted by one of their lovely members of staff. Some of their reviews on Facebook mentioned that the service was outstanding and my first impression definitely confirmed that!

The shack was smaller than I expected but they definitely make the most of the space. There are wooden benches up against the windows with a smaller bench in the middle against the wall with seating for four. Under each bench is a colourful metal stool which, against the natural wood, gives the place a really fun and modern feel.

We took a seat next to the window and looked over their enormous menu.

All of their toasties are served on locally sourced sourdough bread and every toastie is less than £4. That’s including the toastie itself and tortilla chips on the side! They also serve traditional 90s pocket toasties for only £2.50 and they have a range of drinks including speciality coffees, teas, soft drinks and milkshakes. Everything can be ordered to eat in or takeaway.

Plus, they serve dessert toasties with sweet fillings including Nutella, summer fruits and stewed apple! And (on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) they serve fluffy American-style pancakes with either Nutella and banana, Nutella and strawberry or crispy bacon and maple syrup. They look incredible and I am desperate to try them.

The interior of Toastie Shack

I already knew what I wanted – I had known for weeks! I had my heart firmly set on a Meatball Marinara, their toastie of the month for April. Jordan, on the other hand, hadn’t even seen the menu before or any of their photos on social media so he didn’t know where to begin! In the end, he chose the American Kid.

The Meatball Marinara is filled with three homemade meatballs (pocket toasties are slightly smaller so only have room for two meatballs), marinara sauce and cheese. The American Kid is filled with a generous – and I mean generous – helping of BBQ pulled pork and mac and cheese and is one of their most popular toasties. We also had a side of fries to share. As for drinks, Jordan had a can of Coke and I had a chocolate milkshake.

I’ll discuss the milkshake first as, quite honestly, I was shocked.

There’s a choice of either regular or large and I chose the regular. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting great things. I consider myself a milkshake expert. I wrote a pretty detailed post once all about my favourite chocolate milkshakes – I take milkshakes very seriously. In my head, I pictured more of a chocolate milk than a milkshake prepared with some sort of chocolate powder flavouring – you know the kind. But I could not be more wrong.

Can I just say, I made my judgement before I had seen the description of the milkshakes on their drinks menu board. I was so excited for my toastie I didn’t even read the drinks menu to be honest!

My milkshake was huge. And I mean huge! I’m not convinced they didn’t give me a large by mistake because if that was a regular milkshake I can’t even imagine how big the large is. It was made with ice cream, milk, sauce and cream. Plus, it came with whipped cream and mini marshmallows as standard. You don’t have to pay extra for your luxury milkshake toppings at Toastie Shack! It’s all included in the price. And that price is only £2.10.


It was thick, ridiculously chocolatey and seriously one of the best milkshakes I have had in a long, long time.

Now, let’s move on to the real stars of the show – the toasties.

My Meatball Marinara toastie was nothing short of perfection. It was full of filling, I could not have asked for more filling, and the homemade meatballs were delicious. The bread was really tasty too, brilliant quality.

Jordan’s toastie was also literally bursting with filling. His only complaint was that it was messy to eat but, quite frankly, he’s a mucky pup anyway and when the food tastes as good as that then who really cares how messy it is?

The fries were good too, I don’t have a lot else to say about them other than that. How much can you really say about fries?

Toastie Shack haven’t been open for long but, only during the time we were there which can’t have been more than an hour, they were constantly serving customers. A couple arrived just before we did for a bite to eat, then a family popped in for some lunch and a man came in to collect a takeaway order for his children waiting outside. They seem to be building a decent following, both on social media and in the shack.

The one thing that shocked me the most about Toastie Shack was their prices. Two toasties, a milkshake, a can of coke and a side of fries all came to just over £11. That is ridiculous value for money! Especially considering the quality of their products and the choice they have to offer.

Toastie Shack – Rapid-fire review!


The bread, the fillings, the drinks were all brilliant quality. I couldn’t ask for better! – 10/10


Outstanding value for money, I don’t think you can beat it – 10/10


Friendly and efficient service, what more could you want? – 10/10

Food menu

Huge! There is so much choice and I love the idea of dessert toasties – 10/10

Drinks menu

Great choice of both hot and cold drinks – 10/10

Dessert menu

We didn’t try any of their dessert toasties or pancakes this time so I can’t really comment on those but they look and sound incredible! – N/A


The place was spotless, I can’t fault it – 10/10


It had a really warm, friendly and fun atmosphere – 10/10

Overall experience

I loved it! It exceeded all of my expectations, and they were high! – 10/10

How likely we are to visit again

We will definitely be back, I’m already planning our next visit! – 10/10

To find out more about Toastie Shack, check out their Facebook page and their Instagram account. If there’s anything you’d like to know that you can’t find on their social media accounts then feel free to drop them a message. I have done a couple of times and they responded promptly – they’re more than happy to help!

Are you local to South Normanton? Have I tempted you to visit Toastie Shack? If you could have any toastie filling in the world, what would it be?

The blackboard outside Toastie Shack

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