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A treasure trove of treats at Bsweet, Nottingham

Nutella pancakes from Bsweet Nottingham

As soon as I heard that there was a new desserts parlour opening in Nottingham I just knew that I had to give it a try. It goes without saying that Nottingham has it’s fair share of dessert offerings. From small local businesses to national chains, there is plenty to choose from. But Bsweet are offering something much more special!

Gino, one of the masterminds behind Bsweet, emailed me inviting me along and promised to spoil me with some of the wonderful things they do. I had a scroll through their Instagram account and their Facebook page and my hopes were sky high!

I went along on a warm and sunny Saturday and Nottingham city centre was just as busy as it always is. We were greeted by a lovely young lady standing outside the front of the cafe next to their outdoor seating area. She welcomed us to the cafe, handed us a menu and showed us inside.

Bsweet Nottingham shop front

The decor was immaculate and so stylish! Their turquoise blue branding flowed seamlessly through the cafe and was contrasted with bright white furniture, plush velvet benches and delicate pink flowers presented in a small vase on each table. There were balloons in every corner of the cafe, probably leftover from their opening day celebrations.

We took a seat in the window to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine while we browsed the huge menu.

I was already in the mood for some thick, fluffy pancakes and as soon as I saw the Guilty Nutella pancakes on the menu I knew nothing else would take my fancy. My brother Jordan, who I took along as my +1, also fancied some Nutella although he chose the Nutella cheesecake instead.

I headed over to the counter to place our order and met the lovely Gino who couldn’t wait to tell me all about Bsweet and the incredible desserts they have to offer. I ordered my Guilty Nutella pancakes and Gino assured me it was a fantastic choice.

Unfortunately (for Jordan, but not for Bsweet!) they had completely sold out of their Nutella cheesecake. Gino told me that, since their opening day celebrations, people could not get enough of it and they had completely sold out! It wasn’t a problem for Jordan, he chose the chocolate fudge cake instead with a scoop of Kinder gelato on the side.

I hadn’t even noticed the stairs until then so we headed up to have a look around and find a seat. The upstairs is just as stunning as downstairs! They have an incredible chandelier style light hanging over the stairs, a beautiful flower wall with a fluorescent Bsweet logo sign (for that perfect Insta shot) and the same turquoise benches covered in soft cushions. There’s a small play area for the little ones, perfect for birthday celebrations and baby showers, and enormous windows that flood the place with gorgeous natural light.

I’d just managed to snap a few shots when Gino came upstairs to ask us what we thought of the place. He told me all about his family and how Bsweet came to be. He introduced us to his wife Magdalena who prepares all of the desserts herself and shared his vision for the future of Bsweet.

Gino and Magdalena want Bsweet to be a place where people can come together and celebrate special occasions with their loved ones. A place for all the family, from the youngest to the oldest. Their dedication and passion is clear to see.

Before long our desserts arrived, and I was immediately impressed. The presentation was incredible. Four thick, fluffy pancakes piled high with bananas, strawberries, lashings of Nutella (of course!) and topped off with homemade clotted cream. Jordan’s wedge of chocolate fudge cake was exactly that, a generous wedge, and you could literally see the chunks of Kinder in the gelato.

I didn’t even know where to start – I’d never tackled a pancake stack so tall before! In the end I just cut down the middle and dug in. The pancakes were soft and not at all stodgy. I’ve recently read that their recipe is top secret, and I can see why! Towards the end, Jordan had to help me out because there was no way I was going to be able to finish them on my own. Believe me though, I gave it my best shot!

Jordan’s chocolate fudge cake was moist and rich, just as you’d expect. We’ve had so many chocolate fudge cakes in our lifetime but very few as moist as the one from Bsweet. The Kinder gelato was creamy and sweet and the Kinder chunks took it to the next level.

Bsweet offer a range of desserts including sundaes, pancakes, waffles, semifreddo and monster shakes to name a few. Their gelato is made with olive oil meaning it’s suitable for vegans (something that is very important to Gino and Magdalena) and there are more than 20 flavours to choose from. Some of the desserts are on display in glass cabinets throughout the cafe, as if you need any more temptation! And everything is made in-house by Magdalena.

I honestly could not be happier for Gino and Magdalena at what they’ve achieved so far and what I’m certain they’ll achieve in the future. We only chatted for a short while but their love and passion for Bsweet is infectious!

Not only that, but I haven’t stopped thinking about my Guilty Nutella pancakes ever since my visit. So much so that I’ve already planned my next one!

Leave me a comment and let me know, have I temped you to visit Bsweet and try some of their delicious desserts? I can’t wait to try their monster shakes! What would you love to try?

My desserts were gifted in exchange for this post and social media coverage.

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