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Unpopular opinion: Krispy Kreme

About a year ago I went to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet for the first time with my mum and my nana. They’ve got so many fantastic shops and restaurants and I spent so much money there but one thing I bought in particular was my first Krispy Kreme doughnut. They didn’t have a shop there, it was a Krispy Kreme van parked in the walkway so there wasn’t a lot of choice because it wasn’t very big. I had enormously high hopes because there’s obviously a lot of hype around Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but I was disappointed! I chose the…

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Different Valentine’s Day date ideas

Valentines Day can be a controversial celebration. Some people say that we should love each other every day of the year like we do on Valentine’s Day. Of course I agree, but it’s a celebration after all and I don’t think anyone should waste the opportunity to celebrate! Me and Jordan usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for a meal but I’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently. Planet Bounce In the centre of Nottingham there’s a cool place called Planet Bounce which is basically a building full of trampolines. There’s a trampoline dodgeball…

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How to get over a bad day

We all have bad days, whether it be because of work, family or just generally feeling down in the dumps. Whatever the reason, it can take a lot to put it behind you so I’ve come up with a few ways to leave bad days in the past. Stuff yourself silly with your favourite snacks On a diet? Who cares! Desperate times call for desperate measures so when you’re feeling rubbish eat all the foods you love the most and deal with the consequences later. Anyway, one more cookie won’t hurt right Put on your comfiest pyjamas There’s nothing nicer than getting home after a hard…

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My favourite animals on Instagram

I follow lots of people on Instagram and I love looking at what they’ve been getting up to. My favourite pictures are the ones of people’s adorable pets so I’ve put together a list of my favourite animals on Instagram. @white_coffee_cat Coffee is a British shorthair from Los Angeles with huge adorable blue eyes. His owners usually share pictures of him lounging around and playing with his sister Luna. @walterwhitethesamoyed Walter White is a Samoyed puppy named after Water White from Breaking Bad. He’s huge and incredibly fluffy, he looks like a cuddly polar bear! My favourite post is a video of him leaping…

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This time last year

I’ve been thinking some really deep thoughts lately. Specifically about this time last year and how things have changed. This time last year I was forcing myself through three doomed a-level courses, I was struggling with anxiety issues and I was desperately trying to think of a career I had even the slightest interest in. My best friend had decided she was going to Australia for two years and almost everyone else I knew had applied to go to university. My head was a mess and it seemed my life was turning that way too. Obviously things took a turn for the better. When…

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